The ownership of a car comes with its fair share of ups and downs, from the unforgettable cross-country road trip you take with your family to the scary tire blow-out you experience on the way to work one day. If you want to maximize your vehicular "ups" and minimize your "downs," the best thing to do is to service your vehicle regularly at a reputable auto shop.


Our service center at Midwest Ford promises top-notch service from experienced, friendly expert technicians. While there may be shops out there out there promising bottom-level prices for service, they also deliver bottom-level quality. Here is why you should consider receiving service at our dealership:


Specialized Care

Dealerships hire technicians who are specialized in servicing specific types of vehicles. Here at Midwest Ford, our service technicians know your Ford inside and out because they received top-notch, manufacturer-endorsed training. We are extremely proud of the knowledgeable service we are able to offer our customers thanks to our incredible service staff.


Trusting Relationship

Whether you have been a customer at Midwest Ford for years or this is your first time visiting us, we are committed to earning and keeping your trust. A crucial part of this is by offering you consistent, high-quality service in our service center.


Warranty Assurance

It might feel more simple to just pop on over to the garage down the block for your service, but the truth is many of these shops cannot - or will not - honor your manufacturer-backed warranty. In fact, receiving service from an unapproved provider could even void your warranty depending on the type of service. At Midwest Ford, we will do everything we can to get you the best coverage from your warranty because we are committed to saving you time, money, and stress with every visit.


Original Equipment

A dealership offers you original equipment when repairing your vehicle. Instead of getting a new part that was just pulled out of a bucket of mechanical odds-and-ends put into your beloved vehicle, we use expertly-manufactured parts and pieces from the original equipment manufacturer.


For all your car maintenance needs, trust us at Midwest Ford.


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