If you are buying a car, you have a lot of choices when it comes to paying for it. You can either spend a few hours applying for loans and comparing offers or you can let us do the work for you by financing through Ford Credit Financing. Here are five reasons why.

1.       Standard Purchase. A standard purchase loan can be used for both a new or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. This type of loan is available in a variety of popular terms. It comes with no mileage limitations and gives you the freedom to completely customize your vehicle.

2.       Flex Buy. This type of loan is only available for new vehicle purchases. It is a one-term loan and is a great choice for buyers who need a bit more time and a lower payment at the beginning. The first part of the loan has a lower-than-average monthly payment, while with the later term of the loan, the payment is increased.

3.       Red Carpet Lease. If you decide to lease your new Ford, Ford Credit's lease program can be customized to fit your needs. Choose from seven annual mileage options ranging from 10,500 to 19,500 miles. There are also a variety of popular terms, depending on what you qualify for. You also get to take advantage of lower monthly payments (when compared to a loan), lease-end flexibility, and you can get a new vehicle more often.

4.       Incentives and Offers. When you choose Ford Credit Financing, you gain access to a range of incentives and offers such as attractive lease and loan rates and cash back offers.

5.       Special Financing Programs. Ford also offers special cash back offers for first responders, those serving in the military, and college students. These offers can be used in combination with other nationally-available offers.

Visit Midwest Ford to learn more about the benefits of Ford Credit Financing.


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